About Us



“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity!”

At DSP we help prepare you for that opportunity.  As actors we’re all looking for that “lucky break” 0r that gig that will jump start our careers.  Acting coaches, voice classes, movement classes, headshots, demo reels…  all of it in preparation for that make or break opportunity.  A great sounding and professionally produced voice over reel is an essential part of that preparation.  Whether you are new to the voice over field, looking for a demo to shop to agents, or a seasoned pro wanting to freshen up your sound, David Kinsman and DSP can help.

We provide a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere where you, the performer, can feel at ease and right at home.  A place where actors can feel safe, confident, and inspired to do their best work.  David will provide the copy, music, sound f/x, audio sweetening, as well as coaching and inspiration to draw out your best performance and leave you with a voice reel that you will be proud of.

Preparing you for opportunity…. this is what DSP does best!