Hollywood Quality Production

Want Hollywood style production at a budget you can afford? You’ve come to the right place.

DSP is a boutique recording studio with some unique advantages.  We have the professional gear, room treatment, and experience to make your voice demo or commercial project sound like it was recorded in a larger, more expensive commercial studio.  Without the high rents, overhead, and administrative costs of larger studios, DSP is able to minimize costs which is then passed down to you.

As well as minimizing costs, DSP is a relaxed, comfortable, and friendly environment that will enable the performer to do what they do best…perform!  David will supply the scripts and help you determine the style, read, and tone that suits your voice the best.

For commercial clients, whether you are a small business looking to get into the local radio market or you need voice over production for your web site, corporate video, video game or other production requirements, David and DSP is your one-stop shop.  From script writing/consulting, to recording and editing for time and placement, you need to look no further than DSP.

For you gear heads out there, take a look:

  • Mac G5, 2 mhz processor, 4 mgb ram
  • Logic Pro with a full suite of DSP effects and ProTools LE
  • Mbox audio interface with FocusRite preamps
  • Audio Technica large diaphram, shock mounted condenser microphone with an 80 hz lo cut switch and 10db pad
  • Primacoustic Flexibooth cupboard design, wall mounted vocal booth
  • Dual screen pop filter
  • Ultimate weighted studio boom stand
  • Alesis Multimix Cue 6 headphone amplifier
  • Alesis Mi Mk2 powered near field monitors
  • Akg K171 and K44 headphones
  • 1500 + royalty free music library
  • 500 + sound f/x library


Your voice over demo or commercial production will sound slick, polished, and professional.  Turnover time will be quick, usually within a few days to no more than two weeks depending on the project.  Contact us today for more information or to book a session.