Here you will find links to a plethora of voice over and acting resources that I’ve found over the years that can help with your career.  This area will be constantly updated so check back often for new links.


Hines Management:  Teri and Amy are amazing!  Check them out here.

Shine Creative Coaching:  Learn dialects and accents!

Aaction Casting:  Terrific site for actors to find and submit for roles.  Very, very low cost to join for a year!  Another great casting site and FREE!

Casting Workbook:  If you’re not on this site, you should be!

Debra Joy Voice Coach:  One of the best voice coaches around!   Upload your demos and submit for voice over jobs!

Voices123:  Another “pay to play” site!

VOPlanet:  Yet another place to submit for voice over jobs!


Many more to come…